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Parklane Harbour, Xiaojing Bay, Huizhou, China

China Resources Xiaojing Bay Skyline Villa Project is a classic work that perfectly embodies the high quality of China Resources Bay coastal resort development projects in the Xiaojing Bay. At the beginning of the positioning of the project, adhering to high-quality requirements, China Resources organized investigation and learning from the experience of similar projects abroad, and engaged ORIGINAL VISION LIMITED (OVL), a well-known design consulting company with rich experience in the creation of high-end resort projects, to take charge of the project master planning, architectural and interior design work.

The project site is located in the Wushantou Mountains of Xiaojing Bay, adjacent to China Resources University and Le Méridien Hotel. The terrain of the site is extremely complex and the vertical elevation difference is up to 80-90 meters. The project is positioned as a low-density and high-end holiday residential product built on the mountain. How to ingeniously solve the vertical technical problems of the site, and at the same time, give full play to the advantages of the excellent sea views, and enhance the product value was the biggest challenge faced by this project.

From the start of the design at the end of 2012 to the completion of construction in 2021, the project has experienced a very long span. In the early stage of the design, Adrian McCarroll, the founder of OVL and the project chief, was full of enthusiasm and led his design team to invest a lot of energy in this project. In the early design stage, they rushed to the project site many times without fear of hard work to have a thorough understanding of the client's product positioning needs, and conducted several rounds of research and discussion on product design together with the client's design management personnel. The final submitted design works, from product planning to individual design, fully excavated the potential value of the project, and reinterpreted the concept of high-end coastal resort life. The project has also been tested and recognized by the market in the subsequent sales stage, and won a high reputation of customers for the company.

Design Department of Huizhou Company
China Resources Land South China Region



Coconut Island, Phuket, Thailand

We highly recommend Original Vision for their strong architectural concept designs carried through to construction. Care was taken in the placement and footprint of the villas to ensure minimal impact on the environment while retaining existing trees. Their care in detailing and coordination with the contractor on the pre-fabricated structural design ensured a high quality finish.

Lily Udomkunnatum & David Barclay
Owners of Burasari Hotels



Phuket, Thailand

Our Hotel and Beach Club project in Phuket Thailand was completed in full in 2015. The hotel comprises of 170 luxury keys with 4 F&B outlets within the grounds, plus the beach club which is 55,500 ft2 of which 10,000 ft2 of that was fully air conditioned with full open plan commercial kitchens and back of house.

Working with Adrian in Hong Kong and Steve in Phuket made the whole process easy to navigate which was very important as I was managing the development from my offices in Singapore.

Developing anything in Thailand can be challenging, during the build we encountered mass flooding in Bangkok where our fiscal and legal structure was based, then political unrest in the capital finally culminating in a military coupe. To say the project was challenging was an understatement. Adrian and Steve helped me roll with what was a very fluid situation allowing us to deliver the project with only minor delays during a time when things could have gone very, very wrong.

The project I believe delivers aspects to its design which helped us stand out amongst competitors so much so that we won the "Best Hotel Design and Construction," for Thailand two years in a row.

I have adopted Original Vision as my go to architecture and design practice. They have since helped me with conceptual designs and I look forward to working with Adrian and the team again in the not too distant future.

Chris Comer
CEO - 8over8 Developments Ltd.
Developer of Dream Resort & Spa and Dream Beach Club


Phuket, Thailand


Clearwater Bay, Hong Kong


Silverstrand, Hong Kong



I have completed four projects with Adrian:
-       House in Silver View Lodge, Silverstrand, Hong Kong
-       Apartment in Macao
-       White Haze at 64 Sheung Sze Wan, Clearwater Bay, Hong Kong
-       Villa Amanzi in Phuket, Thailand

We highly recommend Adrian based on our experience on the above four projects which were designed by Original Vision. Adrian demonstrated an exceptional talent for architectural design and the creation of spectacular spaces. Adrian produced aesthetically designs which maximised use of the site and adapted well to the various site constraints. We appreciated Adrian's willingness to push boundaries and incorporate unique structural design solutions as well as the time that Adrian spent with us as the client during the design development phase. Adrian's designs are finished off by his exceptional attention to detail which result in a well finished project

Yours sincerely,
Glen Plumbridge



Yalikavak, Bodrum, Turkey

I first met Adrian in early 2013 when we were looking for an internationally recognised architect to provide a serious twist on the architectural scene in Bodrum, Turkey. We gave him and his team an open brief to design thought provoking buildings that would maximise the permitted build area but do so in a sensitive manner as the planning rules were so restrictive.

The response by the whole OV Team was superb with initial video conference calls followed up by regular site visits and a successful planning application. We found Adrian to be very easy to work with providing humour when needed but predominantly working in as proactive manner driving the project through to construction and on to conclusion. He was also acutely aware of our budget and worked sympathetically with our engineers to design structures that while extremely ambitious were also cost effective. Additionally, his attention to detail is one of his greatest strengths and he is in his element when he engages with contractors, encouraging them to achieve the desired result.

The result of our collaborative working is a collection of pretty radical villas that blend in with the hillside and the sales success shows just how much people are prepared to pay for imaginative, and thought provoking design. We are currently discussing our next project with Adrian, who is always happy to provide early stage advice which in these times is most appreciated.

Ben Walsgrove
Director - Braemore Group
Developer of the Jacaranda Estate | Yalikavak, Bodrum, Turkey



Kamala, Phuket, Thailand

When taking the plunge looking for a unique holiday home in Thailand there is a raft of cookie cutter Asian-fusion homes. Adrian McCarroll was brave enough to push the boundaries of traditional vs modern. I was hooked on his design immediately. The large areas of glass framed with precision steelwork, huge floating roofs and beautiful internal ceiling angles gave me my dream glass and steel house. Two years on his insistence on specific material selection & quality finishes has proven worthwhile. I was told that Adrian was a lighting expert. I agree and can't decide if my house looks more beautiful during the day or night given the unique glasswork & lighting effects. I was also attracted to the development due to the innovative water recycling systems, a must on a dry remote spot. High specification sunken air con units is also a welcome change to the typical ugly split units. It is a bold but lasting design that I thoroughly enjoy living in, the real test of good design.

Adrian has a great feel for his clients dreams and delivers in a calm professional manner.

Dom Penton



Phuket, Thailand

We were pleased to have selected Original Vision as our Phuket based Architects to assist our Japanese architects with the designs for our luxurious Villa estate at Layan, Phuket. Our project covered 100 rai and OV's involvement continued with us tirelessly for several years. OV's knowledge of the local climate, micro-climate, construction methods and materials generated the award winning forms and finishes for the final villa designs. They were engaged for the Concept Designs, Design Development, Interior Designs, and Construction drawings for the first Villas to be marketed. OV were invaluable to us in their technical experience as well as obtaining all the government approvals for the development.

Original Visions scope also extended to realizing the Master Plan and infrastructure for the whole development, including the design and construction of all the service buildings and roads. They coordinated very well with our in-house project management and construction team and the engineering consultants to complete the extensive construction of the infrastructure as required.

The whole OV Phuket team over the years have been consistently professional, resourceful, knowledgeable, and willing participants whenever required. Principals in their company have been involved throughout the project, and still are on an 'as required' basis. Our relationship with Original Vision has been long term, pleasant, and very useful to us as a developer of quality real estate.

Koichiro Hiroishi
Managing Director: Bang Tao Beach Limited (Group of Kajima Development)



Kamala, Phuket, Thailand

Dear Adrian,

A page of heartfelt words will probably never convey the deepest, happiest gratitude I and my family feel for your extraordinary generosity, by allowing us the use of your Samsara Villa during Jamie and Yanee's wedding week.

Just being present in the beauty of the home, it's setting and views took my breath away. I felt an absolute inner peace and silence the first time I stepped inside.

Gradually the feeling took over and I began absorbing the vision you initially perceived. Waking up each day, at dawn or just after, became a new adventure, before everyone woke I was able to walk and look...... at sea or sky... rooftops or levels, translucent rooms... shadows and movement of a new day in a perfect place.. all of Time took on a new perspective.

Wasn't this the original dream ?

Later came the hum and bustle of the family - MY Family all together, one place, one time, one Reality. And then The Wedding.

I have a jewel set in my heart, it's colors are sunrise and sunset, grey and turquoise, teal and opal and gold - and it's called Samsara. It is placed there for All of Time.

Deepest Love to you Adrian, are you a Magician?

Thank You

Angie Jamieson



Phuket, Thailand

We selected and engaged Original Vision to design and assist with the construction of our quality residential estate development in Rawai Phuket. This was a commercial development phased over a number of years with profiled marketing and projected sales targets. OV's scope was to Master Plan and lead the design team from Concept Designs through to completion of construction, including all site infrastructure works.

Our requirements from OV were for creative, practical, and appealing designs, material selections, and construction awareness: creative though budget conscious.

The whole OV Phuket team were professional, resourceful, and knowledgable from initial design Concepts through to construction completion and beyond. They were flexible to adapt and responded quickly. The principal took a personal interest in the project and was always available, fully understanding and maintaining the Client's interest throughout.

We would not have been able to achieve such a successful development without OV Phuket: they were an incomparable choice for design and service throughout. Absolute team players. Many thanks guys!

On behalf of Coral Tree Properties Ltd.

Robert J Windsor
Developer of Rawai Villas



Pok Fu Lam, Hong Kong

We used Original Vision as designer and project manager for our extensive house refurbishment programme.

Their services were excellent. They were imaginative in their designs, responsive to what we needed, attentive, efficient and practical.

In particular, they controlled and managed the build with great attention to detail and made sure that the whole job was done efficiently on time and on budget.

Overall their services were very impressive and we remain very pleased with the outcome even 14 years later.

We would be happy to recommend their services without reservation.

Howard T D Bilton BA (Hons)
Barrister-at-Law (England, Wales & Gibraltar)
Adjunct Professor – Texas A&M University School of Law
Chairman of The Sovereign Group



Phuket, Thailand

Boutique Corporation PCL has worked on two projects with Original Vision being Hyatt Place Patong and Oakwood Journeyhub Patong. We found Original Vision's team to be professional and creative; their working style is seamless when working within our project team.

Prab Thakral
President and Group CEO



Sheung Yeung, Clearwater Bay, Hong Kong

Hi Adrian,

From perspective magazine learnt that your company won two A&D Trophy Awards 2015.


Very proud that our house at Sheung Yeung Sai Kung was designed by your company. We go there every weekend.

Enjoying the house.

Gloria Lo



Royal Castle, Clearwater Bay, Hong Kong

Have been meaning to write a thank you card but haven't managed so it will have to be this.

"Thanks so much for your supper for the very special Amelia. Jacko made 2 great quotes. Firstly on the way home he said "I'm very tired Mum but that was the nicest house I've ever been to in HK. It reminded me of the houses in Waiheke" and then when I collected him from school the next day and asked How was it, he replied, "I got told off because I wasn't concentrating, but do you know what Mum I was thinking about the house all day long. Obviously had an impact on him."

It's really stunning Lisa and you and Jim look so perfect in it. Have a good trip. Lots off love Kate

Lisa Cattermole-Watkins



Cape Yamu, Phuket, Thailand

It was primarily the quality of the architectural designs which persuaded me to use Original Vision as the Architect for my private Villa in Phuket. Working together they understood my needs and expectations so well that I am also using them for all the Interior Designs and furnishings.

They have dedicated a team to my project that have been creative, responsive, flexible, experienced, professional, and thorough throughout: from inception to completion. I have had to rely heavily on OV for quality control issues during the construction process and they have responded diligently and rationally with my best interests at heart.

Engaging Original Vision has been essential to the realization of my dream for Phuket.

Ossama Khioreibi



Clearwater Bay, Hong Kong

Thanks for the wonderful compliments on the house. It was definitely a labour of love and we are really happy with it. I think that OV did a great job with the design and everyone there was so much fun to work with.


Kim Lintern-Smith



Clearwater Bay, Hong Kong

We have worked with Original Vision to date on two separate existing townhouse projects in the Clearwater Bay area of Hong Kong. The brief to Original Vision was for the re-development and design of each property in order to create family homes that both maximised living and usable space with a high quality end finish.

We selected Original Vision over their competitors based on their impressive track record in terms of high-end prime property residential developments in Hong Kong and equally impressive team. I had known Adrian for a few years and therefore knew of his highly reputable and successful architectural business but it was also the lead architect, Ken Leung, who won us over to work with Original Vision. Ken's understanding of our design brief was immediate and his professional insights and ability to configure both properties to maximise their potential was both exemplary and brilliant. In fact, the end product on our first project led to us selling the property for a significant return based on the value added by Original Vision through their designs which then in turn led to us undertaking a second project with them on the same basis.

Based on our first-hand experience with Original Vision and being a return customer we would highly recommend their professional architectural services.

Gareth Stubbings



Beach Pointe, Stanley, Hong Kong

We had been looking for a property on the south-side of Hong Kong for some time and within seconds of walking into Beach Pointe, we both knew there was a real opportunity to create something special. A double apartment with roof access, in a complex with a 1960s style, we felt it could be completely modernised in a way that would match the nearby breezy, seaside outlook. We scoured numerous interior design magazines, had dozens of ideas but no Hong Kong experience in trying to put these into a practical, functioning reality.

We met Adrian and his team in early 2009, and together worked through what would work, and if it didn't, what might be an alternative option. From broad concepts, to the detail over fittings, lighting, the curve of walls, tiling, water pressure, underfloor heating, glazing, what 'Look' we were after…..the list went on and on….It was a continuous, productive discussion and patiently, ideas and creative designs were developed around a table with Adrian & Ken, and ultimately on drawings that we all agreed with.

The next phase was managing the development, from the paperwork to physical build; and again, the Original Vision team were in close contact such that bumps and hurdles were easily dealt with; in summary, constructive and creative recommendations at every step. As the final touches were put together, the furniture installed both inside and out, we were simply amazed by the result; an incredibly modern, high-tech apartment with stunning lines and outlook……..I think we all agreed, it was perfect…...we loved it!

Jamie Paton



Yalikavak, Turkey

"The dream started all with a piece of land, that my wife and I happened to find by coincidence on the slopes of Yalıkavak Hill. We immediately fall in love with the magnificent view, overlooking the Marina and the Bay of Yalıkavak. It was then when we decided to engage a world renowned architect to transform our dream into reality. Impressed by his previous work, we decided to contact Adrian. We were convinced after our very first meeting that Original Vision had to be the designing team for our project. I remember the moment, when Adrian stepped on the land plot, he had right away a vision for our villa. Adrian came up with a remarkable design, that we loved the minute he presented it to us. The whole process, starting from the early communication all the way to the final design has been a unique experience for us. My wife and I were delighted and enjoyed being part throughout the designing process of the villa with Adrian and his team. We are grateful to Original Vision for creating a remarkable and wonderful design that we know will be part of our families lifes for decades."

With Best Regards,

Aykut Özdemir


Redhill Peninsula, Stanley, Hong Kong

We were very satisfied to work with Ken Leung for the renovation of our home at Redhill peninsula.

We appreciated his systematic approach, ideas and open mind to always respect, integrate and adapt our ideas and needs. It was always very stimulating to meet with Ken to progress on the project.

The result is a real success. This house is a pleasure to live in, technically and visually. We love the set up and design.

Thank you very much,


Phuket, Thailand

As a non-profit organisation Soi Dog Foundation has expanded over the years into an internationally recognised support for the humane treatment of dogs and cats. To keep up with the evolution our site needed to be Master Planned, rationalized in terms of management, circulation, and communication, and new facilities provided to service more specialised needs of the dogs, cats, and veterinary surgeons and carers, along with ever increasing numbers of animals, staff, and sympathetic guests at the shelter.

We needed a Master Planner and architect that could listen intently, understand our ever changing needs, and rationalize all of our requirements into a very practical and budget driven arrangement. Luckily we engaged the Phuket office of Original Vision who quickly became fundamental to help us with this significant task. They worked with us to distill our requirements into a cohesive Master Plan of four new buildings to include: a cat hospital; a specialised isolation unit for viral outbreaks; a new Volunteer centre; Education Centre for groups of children and public access; improved Vets accommodation and office facilities; expanded office accommodation for our different management, marketing and fundraising groups; food storage, laundry, and maintenance facilities; car parking. Representing the new public face for the Foundation the resulting Master Plan and buildings have been a great success, practical for their uses, cost effective, community based and caring.

OV's brave ideas, patience and flexibility in interpreting our requirements, and resolve in providing us with workable yet attractive solutions have been exceptional. They continued to service us regularly throughout the construction to completion, a triumph and credit to all concerned.

John Higgs
VP Soi Dog International (SDI)


Razor Hill, Clearwater Bay, Hong Kong

We worked with Original Vision in 2015 to completely transform (i.e. rebuild!) our apartment to open it up and maximise the use of outdoor space and create a warm and welcoming family home. From the design of the layout, to the selection of materials, to the demolition, rebuild and the fitting out, Adrian and his team worked closely with us all the way to ensure our vision for the home was implemented and adjusted as needed. The team was responsive, professional and always ready to help.

The quality of the cabinetry, doors, fittings, flooring and tiling was excellent. And, we have to say, the final "reveal" exceeded our expectations. What we also liked about the process was that Adrian and the team had a list of suppliers who could provide kitchen and bathroom materials and fittings to the required high-spec standard - this saved us a lot of time, energy and frustration and helped us focus on selecting materials and fittings that were completely "at home" in our new apartment.

Brett Free


Sheung Sze Wan, Clearwater Bay, Hong Kong

Thank you, my design and project management team, at Original Vision

I love my house and there is not one day that I don't breathe a sigh of contentment when I return home to it. The design features you came up with using clever usage of, sometimes limited, space were carefully thought out to maximize the minimalist environment you knew I wanted and that calms me. Complements abound from guests who cannot believe the house has the small footprint it has.

Also thanks for a smooth and painless build process with problems being flagged and addressed quickly meaning project completion was on time and our move in date on the dot.

Again I LOVE my house!!

Fiona Overton


The Leighton Hill, Happy Valley, Hong Kong

Dear Adrian,

I wanted to just drop you a line to express my appreciation of OVL's services in regards to the redecoration of my apartment in Leighton Hill.

In particular, I must commend Ken Leung for his professionalism and calm, systematic approach.

Best Personal Regards

Stephen MOSELY
Managing Director
L'Oréal Hong Kong Ltd