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32 years in Asia


Sideman, Bali, Indonesia

Boutique Resort and Villas.

In the shadow of Gurung Agung, Bali’s largest and most active volcano, Rajadhani is laid out along the edge of the Telaga River gorge hugging the natural contours and capitalsing on the rugged but lush natural beauty of the location. Courtyard and cliff hanging villas on high and tree houses down in the gorge are supported by an all villa hotel and spa set in a natural amphitheatre to the north.

Sustainability has been fully embraced, with water harvesting and waste recycling combining with conservation to enable self-reliance on supply. Reduced reliance on air-conditioning for cooling and low energy systems and lighting minimise the power requirement whilst a fully integrated green policy aims to ensure the resort is environmentally responsible during construction and afterwards in operation.